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The Gazette

Colorado Kitty Pot has a higher purpose
By Stephanie Earls

Nepeta cataria.

It's not the newest dance craze, supermodel or voodoo curse, but the drug of choice for liberal cats everywhere - ragdoll, tabby and domestic longhair alike. For the legions of feline fans/voyeurs who grew up spiking throw rugs and scratchy pads and grooving on the cat antics, there's finally a product to complete the joke.
Take a swipe at what inspired Cynthia Bullock to create Colorado Kitty Pot and you'll only be half right.

"A friend, that's what she always called catnip," said Bullock, who says the plant thrives on her property in Black Forest. "I was looking at the catnip and listening to the news about all the hoopla about marijuana legalization and I thought, 'If we rebrand, we'd have something here.'"

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