100% of the profits from the sale of Colorado Kitty Pot merchandise goes to benefit the Harley's
Hope Foundation, helping pets and their people stay together through three direct assistance
programs - Pet Assistance Fund, Service Animal Aid Fund, and the Senior Services Project -
that provide help ranging from financial assistance for major care, to resource referrals, to actual
foster care for animals with people who are temporarily unable to care for them.   For additional
information visit harleys-hopefoundation.org.

Did you know catnip has numerous health benefits? Click here to learn more and to help
support Harley's Hope Foundation

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CKP Classic
100% Organic Catnip
0.75 oz, 1.125 oz
& 2 oz Bags
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As strange as it sounds, catnip, Colorado Kitty Pot in particular, ties into Harley’s Hope Foundation’s efforts to
help keep pets and their people together.  This innocuous member of the mint family has numerous uses that can
help feline pet parents cope with cat-specific challenges.

For instance, did you know that catnip has numerous health benefits?  When inhaled, catnip stimulates kitties to
get up and move - a good thing for overweight cats who are at higher risk for a number of health conditions due to
their extra weight.  But, when ingested, catnip has the opposite effect and acts as a sedative, which can help calm
anxious or stressed out cats.  Catnip can also be administered as a "tea bath" to help cats who are always
scratching and suffering from itchy skin.  And, lastly, catnip has been shown to be an effective training tool to
address negative behaviors that cost numerous kitties their homes and lives each year.

Dog lovers, we haven’t forgotten you.  Catnip also attracts many dogs who enjoy the scent, but it can affect dogs
very differently than cats.  Don't take our word for it - click on any of these links to read more about this common,
yet amazing little plant:


If you cat or dog has any health issues, we do recommend you speak with your veterinarian regarding the use of
catnip. That said, catnip has been shown to have no lasting or addictive effects on animals.

In fact, we are so impressed with catnip, Harley's Hope Foundation has begun offering a limited, free supply to
approved clients with cats in need of veterinary care or behavioral training.  This is, of course, in addition to
helping the client with the cost of professional treatment and not in lieu of actual veterinary care or training
Of course, we encourage pet lovers to purchase all organic Colorado Kitty Pot because you will receive a high
quality plant for your pet, and the proceeds from your purchases will go to help provide major/emergency
veterinary care, behavioral training, or emergency foster care for pets and service animals in need!
Colorado Kitty Pot
Catnip Helping Cats and Dogs (and horses, bunnies, birds, etc……)
Kickin' Back Kitty
Purrsian Pizza
Tabby's Taco
CKP Deluxe
100% Organic Catnip
1 oz Bag
CKP Frisky Feline
100% Organic Catnip
1.125 oz.
Ragdoll Roll
Bobtail Bop
Cornish Crown
Welcome to ColoradoKittyPot.com where your purchase of these fun
Colorado products helps pets in need of major veterinary care,
behavioral training, or emergency foster care.
You are helping us save lives!


Feline Frankfurters
Carter Catfish
Calico Cookie
Furry Fortune Cookies
CKP Premium
100% Organic Catnip
1 oz Tin
CKP Kickin' Back Canine
100% Organic Catnip
0.75 oz., 1.125 oz.
& 2 oz Bags
CKP Kickin' Back Canine Premium
100% Organic Catnip Blend
1 oz Tin
Siberian Star
Kitten's Mittens
Frisky the Snowman
Christmas Treet
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